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Groowiz, the Dublin-based brainchild of Anna Sieniawska and Roberto Masala, is all about connecting you to the best possible resources, wherever they might be in the world. Fourteen years of experience have convinced us that for most companies, virtual employees and contractors - whether as a supplementary or complete workforce—provide the best return on investment. We are here to help you easily take advantage of that value.

hours of online projects completed

hours of online projects completed

online contractors hired

online contractors hired


We empower entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized companies, enabling you to grow your business faster, more efficiently, and more effectively by matching the best resources from a global talent pool to your business needs. How? By connecting you to the world of online work, setting you up to “work smarter, not harder.”


November 25, 2015
woman graphic designer

12 Free Tools for Remote Working

One of the many benefits of a remote workforce is the low overhead. Depending on your setup, in addition to office space and all its related costs, you probably are saving on vacation […]
June 29, 2015
virtual team

How Virtual Teams Work: An Overview

Virtual teams, also known as online or remote workforces, provide maximum flexibility in both the amount and type of work your business can produce. In today’s connected world, they’re becoming more and more […]


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